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Director -  Director of Photography

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Adam is an Emmy award-winning filmmaker based in Los Angeles. He won an Emmy for his cinematography and production on the TV series “Deadliest Catch.” Adam has worked on documentaries, features, and commercials in the United States and abroad. His client list includes National Geographic, History Channel, Discovery, ABC, CNBC, and the Intercept.  Adam is a B.A. graduate of the University Of Oregon
Supervising Producer
 Jessica is a bilingual journalist, activist, and immigrant from Mexico City. She has worked as a bilingual journalist  for Fusion and Univision in Los Angeles, CA.  Jessica and Adam teamed up and decided this was a story the world needed to hear. Although she is a storyteller, she is passionate about activism and the arts. Jessica is a graduate of the UCLA School Department of Communication Studies.
Leighton Akio Woodhouse is a journalist and documentary filmmaker. He has directed, produced and edited short documentaries for The Intercept, The Nation, KQED, PBS Frontline, The Washington Post, The Story of Stuff, and Participant Media. He directed the feature documentary Trumpland for Fusion Media, which was nominated for an Emmy Award for Outstanding Politics and Government Documentary, and which won the Society of Professional Journalists’ Sunshine State Award for Government and Politics Reporting in Television. He also directed the follow-up feature documentary, Trumpland: Kill All Normies, also for Fusion. His print stories have appeared in The Intercept, Gawker, The New Republic, VICE News, Fusion, The Nation, and other outlets. He currently serves on the board of the San Fernando Valley Refugee Children Center. Leighton has a Master’s Degree in Sociology from UC Berkeley.


Armando Aparicio is a Los Angeles based Salvadoran/American filmmaker and artist. After almost a decade living and working in Central America on commercials, music videos, and narrative films, he returned to Los Angeles where he now works as a director, cinematographer, and editor on progressive, short-and-feature-length documentaries. His most recent work can be seen on such platforms as The Intercept, The Nation, Fusion, and KQED. Armando has a degree in Character animation from CalArts and feels strongly that his background in the visual arts shapes the way he tells stories.

Advisor & Consultant

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Peg is a retired nurse (RN, MS) who lives in Arizona close to the Mexico border. She is also a published author that has gained notoriety with her memoirs about her time living on the border. She says life in the borderlands is like having one foot in Mexico and one foot in the United States—a lifestyle rich in culture, diversity, and political discourse. When she crosses into Mexico several times per week and volunteers at an aid station known as el comedor, she serves breakfast, passes out needed clothing and medical supplies, and provides counsel to migrants and asylum seekers. Peg also gives talks and presentations on border issues, and campaigns for human rights. Peg was an integral part of the production as she advised us on various issue along the border.

Associate Producer

Melinda attended Kent State University. After a bachelor's and two masters' (English and journalism), Melinda moved to Los Angeles to pursue film and television. Melinda has worked in art direction and production on various projects for Spike TV, Warner Brothers, Fox, Animal Planet, and more. 

Associate Producer

Andra majored in Theatre performance at the University of Idaho and studied Script Analysis, Theatre History, and Acting at Yale University.  Andra worked on several award-winning and nominated theatre projects in LA and has worked in many facets of filmmaking.  She's always had a passion for working with children and volunteered at an Orphanage for 7 years working with abused children who were taken involuntarily from their parents because of the extreme situations. ​
Production Coordinator
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  Sandra is a Texas born singer-songwriter and actress. Sandra is passionate about the arts, whether it be on a canvas, music, or in film.  As a native Texan, and humanitarian, the human rights issue on the U.S.- Mexico border hits home for her. As a member of the Creative Empowerment for Kids organization, she has worked with children of all ages who are living on Skid Row, providing encouragement and inspiration through music and art. Sandra came to Hollywood, CA via Nashville, TN. to continue pursuing a career in music and film. Her music ranges from soft sweet melodies, to funky grooves, and rocking blues.
Camera Operator 
Bryan is a seasoned Director of Photography. He has worked across the globe on countless projects. His work has been presented on the History Channel, National Geographic, Discovery, MTV, NBC, ABC, and HBO. Recently he has been filming a show about protecting whales in Antarctica. Prior to that project, he filmed a show about health care in Nigeria. Bryan resides in Boston, MA with his wife and young son. Bryan is a visual arts graduate from Ithaca College. 
Sound Mixer
Lellan Thomas was born and raised on the Navajo Nation in Arizona. He is a young and talented sound tech. Although he resides in Los Angeles, he is very involved in the events and politics back on the Navajo Nation. He is currently writing a fictional piece regarding the experience of growing up as a young member of the Navajo tribe. He is a graduate of the film program of Arizona State University.
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